Business Integrations

1Information technology and business are becoming inextricably interwoven. I don't think anybody can talk meaningfully about one without the talking about the other. -- Bill Gates


Integration of business modules and applications relies on an array of information technologies whose mission is to provide a smooth and effective information architecture, application integration, and data/database management. With adequate optimization and synchronization of management tools, it is possible to establish a sustainable information system that will serve as a basis for different activities and would also allow the client to improve their business by offering their products to a wider market/network, as well as help them provide a variety of services and user support over the Internet.

An important part of this process is information architecture, which implies data and information tools management, as well as in-depth analysis of data and information structure. Or, on a less abstract level, it is closely related to organization and documentation of web pages, as well as using software to manage and search information. The implementation of information architecture is oriented towards developing a system for providing specific services, with the ultimate goal of work standardization and efficient data sharing, resulting in saving you time, money, and resources.

Systems we have implemented in our clients' websites include:

  • Online product distribution system (web shop)
  • Automatic billing system that allows printing and sending bills to customers
  • Systems for personnel authorization via ID cards
  • Applications to update customer base and manage customers' accounts

We have also enabled:

  • Integration with several payment gateways
  • Integration with several booking engines
  • Integration of a product data management system that allows automatic import and synchronization of data such as product info, price and availability of products in stock, customer info, and loyalty cards
  • Export of order info/user data
  • Import of website contents
  • Availability checkup/registration of international and .rs domains
  • Interface to connect front-end and back-end over several SOAP services
  • Systems for import and update of price- and codelists for different types of services, etc.